Report #4
Ruta 6
Homeopathic cancer treatment from Calcutta, India


Ruta 6 selectively induces cell death in brain cancer cells but (induces)
proliferation in normal peripheral blood lymphocytes:
A novel treatment for human brain cancer

"6 of the 7 glioma patients showed complete regression of tumors."

Although conventional chemotherapies are used to treat patients with malignancies, damage to normal cells is problematic. Blood-forming bone marrow cells are the most adversely affected. It is therefore necessary to find alternative agents that can kill cancer cells but have minimal effects on normal cells. We investigated the brain cancer cell-killing activity of a homeopathic medicine, Ruta, isolated from a plant, Ruta graveolens. We treated human brain cancer and HL-60 leukemia cells, normal B-lymphoid cells, and murinemelanoma cells in vitro with different concentrations of Ruta in combination with Ca3(PO4)2. Fifteen patients diagnosed with intracranial tumors were treated with Ruta 6 and Ca3(PO4)2. Of these 15 patients, 6 of the 7 glioma patients showed complete regression of tumors. Normal human blood lymphocytes, B-lymphoid cells, and brain cancer cells treated with Ruta in vitro were examined for telomere dynamics, mitotic catastrophe, and apoptosis to understand the possible mechanism of cell-killing, using conventional and molecular cytogenetic techniques. Both in vivo and in vitro results showed induction of survival-signaling pathways in normal lymphocytes and induction of death-signaling pathways in brain cancer cells. Cancer cell death was initiated by telomere erosion and completed through mitotic catastrophe events. We propose that Ruta in combination with Ca3(PO4)2 could be used for effective treatment of brain cancers, particularly glioma.

In the present study, we found that a combination of Ruta 6 and Ca3(PO4)2 taken orally can either block the progression of or completely regress human glioma brain cancers, with minimal or no side effects. The patients diagnosed with glioma, when treated with Ruta 6, showed better results compared with patients having other types of intracranial cancers. Although the number of patients in our group was small, the outcome of homeopathic treatment was highly encouraging and novel.

Scientific paper, University of Texas:

PubMed publication:

Both in vivo and in vitro results showed induction of survival-signaling pathways in normal lymphocytes and induction of death-signaling pathways in brain cancer cells. Cancer cell death was initiated by telomere erosion and completed through mitotic catastrophe events.

We propose that Ruta in combination with Ca3(PO4)2 could be used for effective treatment of brain cancers, particularly glioma.
Int J Oncol. 2003 Oct;23(4):975-82.
PMID: 12963976 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE

Another PubMed Abstract:

The purpose of this study was to demonstrate the cysticidal activities of Ruta graveolens and calcium phosphate in fractional dilutions as a completely new approach for the treatment of neurocysticercosis in humans. These two homeopathic medicines when given to patients with neurocysticercosis have cured the infection in 25 subjects (69.4%) from a total of 36 patients. Our preliminary results indicate that Ruta graveolens in combination with calcium phosphate must be considered to be a potent cysticidal agent with very little or no side effects.

Publication Types: Clinical Trial
In Vivo. 2001 Mar-Apr;15(2):181-4.
PMID: 11317525 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
Ruta 6 Booklet:
Larger statistical data.
In India, 78.9% brain tumor cases: no recurrence of the tumor(s) (Please note: This file downloads quite slowly!)

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) of Bethesda, Maryland, is - among other institutions - in the process of funding the research on lung cancers by Banerji's methods.

From the Indo_American Chambers of Commerce of Greater Houston

A very famous Indian Homeopath from Calcutta (Kolkata), Dr. Prasanta Banerji, visited the city in the last week of June. Along with Gujrati Samaj participation a meeting was set up at the Gandhi Center to present his innovative treatments of Cancer by Homeopathy along with the research work being done by Geneticist Dr. Sen Pathak, professor emeritus of M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.

Who is this Homeopath from Calcutta that has the National Cancer Institute in Maryland interested in his methods and techniques of treatments of tumors in the brain, breast, stomach, lung and esophagus? Is he selling pipe dreams? Why should modern scientists and physicians pay close attention to his work? Should more research be done to verify the nature and causes of the cures with his non invasive methods, the medicinal costs of which are between twenty dollars and the price of a today's cell phone? In order to fully appreciate these questions one has to visit Dr. Prasanta Banerji in India with a population of a billion plus, a great majority of whom cannot afford going to a hospital.

Dr. Banerji presented case study documentations of numerous patients with clearly visible intracranial and stomach tumors, which completely disappeared within the span of a year of his homeopathic treatments, without surgery and without the effects of debilitating chemo or, radiation therapy. In 1995 Prasanta Banerji, presented his findings at the Fifth International Oncological Conference in Corfu, Greece. Present in this conference was the eminent geneticist and researcher from M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Dr. Sen Pathak and his colleague, Dr. Subrato Sen. The connection between Banerji's Homeopathy and Twentieth century modern molecular research was made on that fateful day. Dr. Pathak started the research on Banerji's treatments of brain tumor by minute doses of extract from an innocuous plant called the Ruta graveolens along with Calcium Phosphate.

Ruta, Rue or, commonly known as Jackman's Blue, is a powerful herb of ancient pedigree, once used for a wide assortment of medicinal purposes, but now grown mainly as a decorative plant. Dr. Pathak's six year research on cancer cell lines has established on a cellular and molecular level the reasons why and how Dr. Banerji's Ruta extracts work in putting the intracranial glioma tumors into remission. The primary effect of this particularly diluted solution is to immediately strengthen the chromosomal DNA segments called the Telomeres.

Pathak explains that the Telomeric portions act like the gate keepers or, body guards of the Chromosomal DNA, to which they are normally attached like end-caps. If these Telomeres are weakened by intrinsic or, other extraneous harmful causes, they can no longer protect the chromosomes. These weakened and broken chromosomes then abnormally join with each other, thus, forming new types abnormal cells which either die or, start to multiply. The later event gives rise to tumors and cancerous growths. These cancerous cells are usually treated with removal surgery and followed by Chemo and Radiation therapies by modern oncologists in a hospital environment.

Unlike Chemo and Radiation therapies which indiscriminately kill normal cells, bone marrow cells along with the cancer cells, the Ruta treatment acts quite differently. Once the Telomeres cells are strengthened by the Ruta the body's own defense mechanism takes over and attacks not only the anomalous intracranial glioma growths but seems also to induce healthy cell divisions in the normal blood. This makes the patients recover their strength and feel healthier very quickly. While this technique showed various grades of positive in-vitro (In test tubes) results on many other types of human and mouse cancers, according to Pathak, the best results were seen on the human intracranial glioma.

Banerji claims an in-vivo (in the body) success ratio of seventy percent near or, complete remission of such tumors. He has also claimed remarkable success with breast, throat, lung and stomach cancers with other homeopathic ingredients. Dr. Subrato Sen of Houston is conducting similar research to explain Dr. Banerji's cure for breast cancers. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) of Bethesda, Maryland, is in the process of funding the research on lung cancers by Banerji's methods.

From Message board:,5193,1.htm

" For anyone who may be interested...

I ordered a 3 month supply of Ruta 6C/Calc Phos from Kemp Homeopathics in San Diego. My husband has agreed to take it. The cost w/tax & shipping was $102. I think it will be worth the try. I have a copy of the published abstract for a study using Ruta 6 on brain tumors also if anyone is interested. It's available on PubMed.

Some interesting feedback from the woman I spoke to at Kemp - named Jeanine. A very nice woman. Their requests for Ruta 6/Calc Phos have steadily risen over the last 6 months. People are reordering because they are getting good results with it for brain tumors. She also spoke of a gentleman who regularly buys the Ruta 6 for his wife who has a brain tumor. He gets to bring her home from the care facility she had been placed in because she's well enough to be cared for at home now. Apparently she's shown significant improvement due to the Ruta. "


It is recommended before beginning this remedy that you e-mail Dr. Banerji in India directly with the specifics of you illness and history and he will e-mail you back the correct dosage and schedule. Dr Banerji currently offers this service free of charge.

Dr. Prasanta Banerji
PBH Research Foundation
10/3/1 Elgin Road
Calcutta - 700 020
Tel: +91 33 22472845
Fax: +91 33 22477275

RUTA and Cal Phos - Sources
Here are some of the suppliers of the Ruta 6c and Calphos 3x.

Washington Homeopathic Products, phone #  800.336.1695.
Or online at or email  (they get their products from the above company and are related.)

Willner Chemists - 800-633-1106

Lotus Light 800.548.3824 and their website for retail is

RUTA and Cal Phos - Quantities

The 2 oz pills is nearly 2 mos. worth for a typical dosage.
Ruta Graveolens 6C,  comes in bottles of 500 pills 

Calcarea Phosphorica 3X,  same   
Note: in the case that 3X is not available we recommend you contact Dr Banerji for further recommendations.. 

Ruta and Cal Phos Schedule

Dosage - you should check with Dr. Banerji for your specific dosage 

For informational purposes only, these are dosage schedules shared by other Brain Tumor patients. They dissolve 3 Ruta 6 pills or pellets under the tongue at 7am-1pm-7pm. Then in between, you dissolve 3 of the calphos pellets at 10am-4pm-10pm. Dr. Banerji also commonly prescribes a dose of 2 pills Ruta 6 in the morning and evening(dinner time)  and 2 pills of Cal Phos at noon and night(bedtime). Please contact him for your dosage recommendation based on your case.
The pills are real small and dissolve like candy.
It is not recommended to mix with food or water 15 min before and after each dosage.

Also patients have been told to avoid coffee and mint as they may interfere with their remedy.

Online $11.89/bottle of 500 pills.  Phone orders are about $18ea.
Shipping runs anywhere from $5-$25 depending on how fast you want it.
That's for nearly 2 months worth.


Here is a group of MD's that practice homeopathy across the US that was found on the internet by a patient.  There is a website that gives a lot of information on how to find one and how to choose one and what the qualifications should be:

                 Look under the section called "Finding Care".

What does Ruta 6 mean to the cancer patient?

The above report is not based on hearsay, or on anecdotal information. The Banerji father & son medical team is presenting only data that is verifiable, and is supported by clinical cases. With a less meticulous approach, they could provide a much larger quantity of evidence, because they've treated tens of thousands of patients in India. However, that would be indeed anecdotal evidence.

Ruta 6 has been used to treat many kinds of cancer, but the best supported data come from brain tumor cases. The statistical results, even with the small number of patients involved, are both impressive and encouraging.

This is a treatment that is inexpensive, non-invasive, non-toxic, has no side effects, and no doctor or prescription is needed. It is a home treatment, as simple as taking aspirin. It is also a powerful treatment that seems to be very successful with many forms of cancer.

Ruta 6 is a homeopathic remedy. Detractors are claiming that homeopathy is a scam, and any result achieved by taking a homeopathic remedy is nothing more than a placebo effect, a temporary improvement based on the patient's wishful thinking. They may also bring up the idea of " spontaneous remission ", which is the buzz-word used by orthodox medicine when a patient is cured by alternative treatments. These, of course, are the arguments of medical dinosaurs who prefer to ignore evidence-based facts in order to uphold their prejudices. For example, thousands of veterinary practitioners are using regularly homeopathic substances with animals, where placebo effects cannot take place. As far as Ruta 6 is concerned, if it is a placebo that is able to consistently reverse and eliminate glioblastomas, well, give me that placebo, and I will gladly take it with no questions asked.

It must be a great disappointment to the opponents of homeopathy that Ruta 6 has also proved active and effective when applied to different cancer cell-lines in vitro, under laboratory conditions. How do they explain that with the placebo concept, or with spontaneous remission?

There is no counter-indication specified against taking Ruta 6 simultaneously with any other conventional or alternative medication. Please remember though, that no food should be taken 15 minutes before or after taking any homeopathic remedy. This is a general rule with all homeopathic medication.

Ruta 6 is a great gift to cancer patients, and there doesn't seem to be any reason not to take it with any cancer, including leukemia and brain tumors. However, the thing to keep in mind is that Ruta 6, despite all the wonderful results shown by the clinical data, doesn't help every patient. It is a great medication, but it is no panacea. Do not regard it as a mono-therapy, a magic bullet, but as one promising component in a comprehensive cancer protocol.

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