Report #29
Hospital Santa Monica

Dr. Kurt Donsbach's clinic in Mexico

There are dozens of private cancer clinics in Mexico. Many of them do excellent work with cancer patients. The reason I single out the Donsbach clinic is because during the past two decades, Dr. Donsbach always managed to remain a few steps ahead of everyone else when it came to breakthrough, cutting edge medication and medical technology.

Today, he still maintains this leading position.

At this point, I better mention that neither myself, nor this website have any financial or other ties with Dr. Donsbach or with his clinic. I do not receive any money or compensation from him. As a matter of fact, I don't think he even knows about the existence of this site. I certainly never sent him any information on it.

The reason I decided to include a report on his clinic on this website is that he manages to incorporate into his cancer protocol the very latest innovations, far before other private clinics do, and certainly before the medical establishment does.

Already ten years ago he had outstanding success with prostate cancer patients using, among other things, Pulse Modulated Microwave Hyperthermia. At that time the equipment needed for this treatment could only be found at the Donsbach clinic.

He was among the very first physicians to obtain training in Insulin Potentiated Therapy. His clinic is one of the very few places on the planet where you can get a sonodynamic treatment. The list goes on and on: Oncotox, Carbatine, Clodronate, live cell therapy, anti-angiogenesis, etc.

Having said that, it should also be mentioned that there are very effective treatment modalities that are not being used at the Donsbach clinic. The reason? I assume that they do not fit into the time frame they assign to a patient.

At Santa Monica, the patient is given a focused, intensive 12-day course of cancer treatment. In most cases this is enough to assist the patient to launch a successful long-range fight against his or her cancer. However, it is not reasonable to expect a 12-day cure for a condition that, most likely, took 8-12 years to develop.
The 12-day treatment may save the patient's life and provide her with a strategy to follow at home for years to come. To expect more, like an instant cure, is naive and dangerous.

Would I, as a cancer patient, want to visit the Donsbach clinic? The first thing to consider, before all others, would be my ability, or lack of it, to travel. If I am too sick to undertake the trip,
I can forget about the rest.

My second consideration would be the cost. The question is not simply, do I have enough money to pay for it? I also must be sure that I do not exhaust all my resources, so that if their treatments did not work, or if the follow-up home treatment with all the medications and supplements needed will require further investment, I am able to cover the cost.

The third question in my mind would be, is their protocol the best I can find? My answer to that would be that I would want to try some simple, logical and well-supported solutions, before I left my home and traveled to Mexico. I don't have to fit my plans into somebody else's time frame, my only consideration is, what works best for my health?

There is no doubt about it, for the well-heeled the Donsbach clinic is a comfortable, safe, and promising starting point. It does offer treatments that are very difficult to find anywhere else, but there are some other excellent therapies that are not used by them.

The cost? The basic (absolute minimal) fee for 12 days is $23,000. Any other selected treatment not included in the basic package will represent an additional charge. Medications and supplements for home treatments for 6-12 months are also an additional cost. Ideally, the patient should plan on yearly follow-up visits to the clinic for the first two-three years.

My suggestion to any cancer patient who is able to travel, and is able to afford the price, is to study carefully all treatment options described on this website, and compare them with those offered by Dr. Donsbach, or for that matter, by any other cancer clinic.

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